Saturday, October 19, 2013

World Leaders & Their Expensive Time


Politics is a dirty play, but leaders all over the world like to play this dirty game with a dash of opulence. National leaders from all over the world have a stringent dress code – Culture bred sophisticated attires, topped with timepieces which make much bolder statements than the representatives themselves.

Take a look at the wrist watch fetish these country tamers make space for.

Who : Nicolas Sarkozy – Former President of France
Seen wearing : Rolex white face Cosmograph Daytona (Approx. $37,000) and Girard-Perregaux 1966 Annual Calendar Equation of Time (Approx. $287,000)
What say : It’s only recently that Nicolas Sarkozy was voted the most powerful man in France. His choice in watches explain a lot about the way he works – Decently and Powerfully.

Who : Silvio Berlusconi – Former Prime Minister of Italy
Seen Wearing : Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar (Approx. $540,000)
What say : Dear Mr. Former Prime Minister, Media Tycoon, Entrepreneur, AC Milan Club owner, mega-wealthy sex-scandalist, we admire your choice in watches, but not your decisions.
Who : Late John Fitzgerald Kennedy – 35th President of the United States of America
Seen wearing : Omega Tank wrist watch (purchased back by Omega for Omega Museum for a staggering $350,000)
What say : Late Mr. President, didn’t really seem to be a watch enthusiast. But we guess the Omega Tank watch was one of the reasons why he was the most popular president of USA.
Who : Prince Williams of Wales – Duke of Cambridge
Seen wearing : Omega Professional Seamaster (Approx. $3,000)
What say : Maintaining the good boy image; marrying Kate Middleton; naming the royal baby as George Alexandar Louis and being the third in line to the royal heir, the elder prince seems to be doing it right on time and with the right watch on his wrist.
Who : Indira Gandhi – Former Prime Minister of India
Seen wearing : HMT Janata (Approx. Rs.1050)
What say : Being the first lady PM of India, Indira Gandhi maintained the indian-ness by wearing the HMT Janata wrist watch, which, in a way, is a mighty contribution to the indian hard work and folklore.
Who : Nawaz Sharif – Current Prime Minister of Pakistan
Seen wearing : Harry Winston Premier Excenter Time Zone (Approx. $30,500)
What say : We don’t like his taste in politics, but we definitely like his taste in watches. After winning the elections, he won our likings with the Harry Winston timepiece.
Who : Dmitry Medvedev – Current Prime Minister of Russia
Seen wearing : Franck Muller Mariner Chronograph 8080 CC AT MAR (Approx. $15,000)
What say : Russia has always handled its weigh as one of the super powers among the globe. The Franck Muller timepiece on the Prime Minister’s wrist proves the prowess.
Who : Vladimir Putin – President of Russia
Seen wearing : Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendat (Approx. $60,000), Breguet marine (Approx. $15,000), blancpain Leman Aqua Lung Grande Date (Approx. $10,500), Blancpain Leman Flyback (Approx. $10,000)
What say : Russia’s most incumbent political figure has maintained his prowess with his watches. His influence is well reflected in his choice of watches and we believe he lets his wrist watches do the talking by making em different and public often.

Who : Hillary Clinton – Former Senator and Secretary of State for America
Seen wearing : Chanel J12 (Approx. $5,000) and Rolex two-tone datejust (Approx. $2,7000
What say : Hillary Clinton has always appeared as the perfect eye candy in the political ring. Withdesigner watches like Chanel and Rolex, she maintains the image of class and candidness.
Who : Arnold Schwarzenegger – Actor and Governor of California
Seen wearing : Pre-Vendome Luminor Panerai Daylight (Approx. $35,000) and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Schwarzenegger Gold (Approx. $48,000)
What say : Arnold Schwarzenegger, being a german migrant has been impressive for his high-rate metabolism as a body builder and becoming a migrant Governor for California. His big bulky body is perfect for the Barbarian perfect Panerai and Audemars Piguet timepieces.

Who : Barrack Obama – Current President of USA
Seen wearing : Jorg Gray JG 6500 (Approx. $350)
What say : We admire the incumbent president of America. He is friendly, he comes with new and fresher ideas to maintain world peace and his choice of wrist watch speaks a lot about his focus on the world and not his wrist.
Who : Ariel Sharon – Retired General and Former Prime Minister of Israel
Seen wearing : Breitling Aerospace (Approx. $3,200)
What say : The Breitling Aerospace tells a lot about the former General of Israel, his working ways, and why he became the PM of Israel.

Wonder if they discuss their watches after the UN General Assembly meets.

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