Sunday, August 2, 2015

The long awaited death of Google plus



The buzz on the interwebs is that Google is in the process of shutting down its current social network Google Plus. This will be the newest addition to a quite a long list of Google Failures. But unlike previous cases of services shutdown, this time, no-one seems to be complaining. In fact, I would say people are delighted ! I certainly am.

When they were shutting down Google Reader, netizens put up protests and petitions to keep it alive.  But with Plus shutdown, people are actually happy.

I always had a loathing for any page on the internet where they asked for my date of birth and mother's maiden name. I understand they need this so I can recover my account, but can't they just let ME frame a question to which only I know the answer ? Anyway, social networks have scared me, because people end up putting their darkest secrets and precious moments there for anyone to see. And I liked the anonymity the internet provided me. I never joined Google plus, used to opt out on any service they needed my Google Plus profile. I never joined Facebook , for that matter. I am pretty happy being social in the real world where no one can poke me publicly or post things on my home wall. But Google's plus scared me. It was forced, unfriendly, and to put it simply, a cheap copy of Facebook.

The first thing they got wrong was to force people to use their real name on the network. It made sense to use real names for interaction, but other networks always provided the flexibility to change these. Then they forced Plus accounts for Youtube comments. But all their forced rules could not hide the fact that Plus did not have anything special about it. It was just like any other network.All this fanfare and then they developed something that in the end was quite ordinary.

So, I am now waiting for the the last nail on the coffin. Off to history for you, Google+. I just need a free service to check my e-mail, don't force me to create circles for that.




Here is a list of other Google failures.



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