Friday, November 20, 2015

Dropbox Paper feature turns off your Public folder


If you started using Dropbox before 2012, you know of its awesome Public folders features. Basically, anything you put there can be shared as if it were on a public webserver, the public link enables others to download or see your file without any authentication. It is a great way to make files available for direct linking or downloads.

Recently, dropbox announced its Paper feature, providing a way for groups of users to share notes and files. But if you turn this feature on, dropbox turns off the public folders feature. There is no easy way to revert it either. It does not delete any files, but all your public links will stop working and require a basic authentication.



To get your public folders back, you need to turn of the Paper or Teams feature. Follow the steps here.



Score -1 to dropbox. Hope they get these bugs fixed soon.

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