Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Here come the poorly made remakes–Bangalore Days




They have released the trailer to the Bangalore Days Tamil remake. And people who have watched the original are not happy. The rants have started on youtube and elsewhere.  The first thing that hits them, and me, is the wierd casting choices. With all the abundant talent in the Tamil industry, the choice of actors for this movie looks miscast. Bobby Simha stands out for being the wrong choice for Kuttan, and his dialogue delivery confirms it. And Rana plays Hulk in the movie. And that other girl, well her dubbing is all over the place. Its fun to read the comments on the youtube video, a bunch of tamil fans defending the remake, and all the mallus in the world sort of condemning it.

I am predicting there is going to be at least one dance scene which was not in the original. And maybe some unwanted stunts. But even with the bad casting, the story and screenplay is strong enough to see the movie through, no matter which language.

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