Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Get your InGen pass !


Jurassic World is very much in progress. They have recently started their factious site masraniglobal.com.


It turns out Masrani buys out InGen, and then continues the dino-dna game.


Get your own InGen id pass at:



Go to the bottom of the page and enter some info in the fields there. Clicking on Submit will take you to next page where you can upload your photo and generate a InGen id pass!


Along with this message.



Congratulations, and welcome to the Masrani Corporation!

Thank you for choosing to join one of the world’s fastest growing families. Given your set of skills, we are pleased to offer you employment as an Intern Genetic Biologist at International Genetic Technologies in San Diego, CA.

Your immediate supervisor is Dr. Henry Wu, Lead Genetic Scientist.

At Masrani we have a philosophy that combines vision with innovation to create success. We will ensure that these skills are presented to you in your orientation, and they will help to guide you through your journey at Masrani.

On your right, you will find an ID badge for you to complete for security purposes. Simply upload a photo of yourself using the upload tool below and you will see your ID card in full fruition.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new employee at InGen's state of the art laboratory facility. In the meanwhile, please continue to check back at www.masraniglobal.com for all the latest news, videos, and images.


Simon Masrani

Chief Executive Officer, Masrani

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