Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gadget Goodies From He's Just Not That Into You


Conor Is a BB Boy


The loveable real estate agent Conor (Kevin Connolly) used his black BlackBerry Pearl for both business and pleasure.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros

Gigi Rocked Modern and Vintage


I was lovin' Gigi's (Ginnifer Goodwin's) choice of telephones. By day she rocked the pink retro hand held, and by night, she was all about — what appeared to be — a LG Lotus. Who can forget the bathroom scene when she called Alex for guy advice?

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros

Ben Is a BlackBerry Bad Boy


Ben, played by Bradley Cooper, was both naughty and nice in the movie. And what else did he drag into his escapades besides women? His BlackBerry Curve.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros

Janine Flipped Out With the BB 8220


I couldn't exactly make out Janine's cell phone, but it did closely resemble a BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 — one smokin' hot phone!

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros

Alex Is a Total Gadget Guy


If we weren't watching Alex play Xbox 360 and PS2 games with friends on his big flatscreen TV, we were keeping track of his hilarious back-and-forth phone conversations with Gigi on his Motorola MOTO W755.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros

Mary Goes High-Tech


Drew Barrymore's character Mary, was so up in arms about technology the entire movie, yet she was the most "connected" out of anyone. If she wasn't MySpacing dates on her iMac, she was texting and chatting on her red BlackBerry Curve!

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