Saturday, May 23, 2015

Don't buy the Yureka !


Ok, this is not a public service agreement. I had the worse smartphone experience using the Yureka, YU India's first phone offering. I bought it last week on Amazon India's revised sale, and I just had them pick it up for returns today.

So here is the rundown, it is a really powerful device, if what you want is an electric cooktop or toaster. The battery is completely use-less, with no Wifi on, the battery runs down in under 5 hours. And with full Wifi turnd on , the battery ran down completely in under 2 hours. And no matter how much you re-charge the battery, it never reaches 100% charge. It is proof that a 100% energy conversion is not possible, as per the laws of thermodynamics.

But its not just the useless battery which let me down. One huuuge limitation of the system is that the CyanogenOS running on the system has no support for OTGs or even the plugged in SD cards. The on-board file manager app can read the SD card, but the MP3 player and the video player apps on the phone DO NOT recognize them. So,if you want to play your favourite tunes or videos, you have to go via the file manager and start playing them.

Anyway, I am in a way relieved I got rid of that thin, and that Amazon will issue me a 100% refund of the payment. Those guys at YU, they have a lot of work to do before they can ,or should,  release their next phone.

For me, its back to my trusted Nokia.

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