Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to Block banner popups on any website domain, using AdBlock


Recently there has been some news on the net about the morality of adblock software. On one side, ads are required to run a site, as it generates revenue. On the other side, users have had enough of in-your-face huge ads which consume bandwidth and complicate browsing.

Many sites welcome visitors with huge banners taking up the entire front space, pushing the visitor to a hostage like scenario. Extensions like adblock do a good job of blocking ads on the side of the page content, but cannot block (or do not block, I am not sure) these huge banner ads. Adding a simple rule to the adblocker can  fix the problem for you.

For instance, this is what I got when I visited the website of a news paper in India



Heres how to block this ad completely in the future on this site.

1: Install AdBlock extension in your browser.

2: On getting this banner ad, right click on the banner itself and choose Adblock->Block this ad.


3: You will now get a popup with a slider on it. Adjust the slider to the right, so that the banner ad and the transparent overlay disappear completely.




4: Click on Looks Good. And on the next pop-up, confirm by clicking on the Block It ! Button.


Adblock will not add a rule into the system, so that any HTML DIV where Id = nlpopup is blocked on this domain.

Thats it ! You will never ever get this ad on this domain again..

Well..until they change the ad DIV or decide on more banner ads again.

Cya !

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