Sunday, December 20, 2015

Star Wars - The Force Awakens

I watched the Star Wars –The Force Awakens. I liked the movie, but it is basically a huge marketting gimic at work. The story is 90% same to the story of Episode 4. New actors portraying younger version –2s of those iconic charachters from the original trilogy, complete with a new droid. I am surprised the movie is not receiving flak for reusing ealier storylines. Guess people just wanna be transported to that galaxy far far away.
Honestly, I have never been a fan of the Star Wars movies. I was born the year the last movie of the original trilogy came out. And by the time I grew up, those movies were only on casette. Then I had to wait till the new millienium for the god-awful prequel trilogies. The only thing I remember from those movies is the beautiful Natalie Porter. I could never understand why anyone would want to bring swords to gun fights, and how every planet in the movie had the same gravity and breathable air. And then there were the coincidences. All the charachters in the movies meet up in coincidence, when the actual chances of them meeting was one in millions. Leia sends C3PO and R2D2 on a mission, they have to escape with the plans and they just run into Luke ? Of the thousands of planets there, how come they meet on the same planet in the same area ? And the brith of Anakin cannot be explained?
Well, the same thoughts came to me when I watched Force Awakens. The BB8 droid just runs into Rey ? And then they run into Han ? And then she finds Luke’s light saber ? Of all the planets there, how come the light saber was right where it was supposed to be ? How come Poe Dameron escapes and comes back ? And how can Rey use the force better than Ren ?
But then, these movies were never for the thinkers. They are for kids. And they are best enjoyed as such. The graphics has definitely improved, and the sound and music are top notch. The light saber duels are fiercer. The acting and writing is a joke, but the story flows steadily. We get to see new planets, younger versions of all those charachters. We meet the new Luke, new Solo, new Kenobi, new R2D3, new Darth Vader and the new Palpatine and see the new Death Star. If you have not watched the original movies, you might enjoy this one the best. I surely did.
Watch the Force Awakens. Witness the marketting machinery at work.

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