Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ShapeCollage - Remove Watermark


ShapeCollage is a small and fantastic little utility to create quick collages from multiple pictures. Perfect for sharing on social media and other sites. The free version lacks only a few features like custom shapes, which are only available in the paid version. I wanted to quickly make some collages from a  recent trip, and the free version of this little devil was just right for this.

Only one problem.

The free version generates the collages, but also plasters the text "" across the center.

Like this:



This was annoying. I wanted to get rid of this.

I found a way, by editing the exe file directly.


1: Take a backup of the shapecollage.exe file.

2: Then open up the original shapecollage.exe file in an editor, like Notepad++

3: Now search and replace the text "" with a string of 16 spaces.



4. Save the modified exe file. And run it.

Any collage generated by this modified exe will not have any watermark across it.



That's it !

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