Friday, April 24, 2015

Sync Whatsapp Images & Videos to Dropbox


If you are like me, you probably get lots of forwarded Images & Videos via Dropbox, and don't have the time to view them and delete unwanted ones. I have been using a system of syncing the Media folder to my Dropbox folder, so the images & video show up on my laptop. Since I have enabled two way sync, deleting them from dropbox will delete them from Whatsapp folders too.

Here is how to set up the sync in Android.

1: Install Dropsync on your Android device. The free version of Dropsync syncs only one folder , but this is all you will need.


2: Start Dropsync, and login to authorize it to access your Android device. After that, set up the sync in settings.

3:  Sync this folder as source:


This is the parent Media folder, it will contain all images and videos in different sub-folders.

4: Create a new Dropbox folder as the target.


5:  Set up a Two way sync to control the folder from Dropbox. If you don't want to delete files from Whatsapp, select One way sync.


6: Thats it ! Start the sync process, and you will see new Sub folders getting created in Dropbox for Images ,Videos and Wallpapers.


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