Saturday, July 4, 2015

Wonderla - Bangalore


I spent this Saturday at Wonderla Bangalore with my family. Its been almost a decade after my last visit to a water theme park.The last park I visited was Linnanmaki in Finland, but its a dry park. But man, Wonderla is worth it, but also too very crowded.

If your intention to visit the park is to get on all the rides, either visit on weekdays; of if you go on weekends, get the fastrack pass. There are some  65 places shown on the wonderla map. Out of this, about 15 are food stalls. Another 10 to 15 are kiddie rides. That leaves about 35-40 rides for the grown ups. But most of the thriller rides have huge huge waiting times. They put a board there saying 45 minutes waiting time ! The place opens at 11am, and shuts down at 7pm. So, leaving about an hour for lunch leaves very little time to spend waiting in the queues. We could manage only 15 of the 40 advertised rides Sad smile.

Again, unless you take the fastrack passes, there is no way you can visit all the rides there on a weekend.

Can't believe the park still has no coaster .

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