Saturday, July 11, 2015

Burger King has arrived in Bangalore


Today , for some odd reason, I decided to visit the much hyped Phoenix Mall in Mahadevapura, near Whitefield, in Bangalore. We were just dropping there for a bit of shopping, and had decided to eat lunch at one of the many stalls they should have there. At lunch time, I was surprised to see the brand name of a hitherto unseen-in-India fast food chain : BurgerKing. I walked in..and I must say I was very pleased and contented with what I had there.

This was true fast food. The place was overcrowded, there was space of course, but every seat was taken. But people were quickly gobbling down food and making their way out, clearing space for the newcomers. I stood in queue for only 30 seconds, I got to place my order. I told them what I wanted, and handed over my card, and my the time they had swiped it, another staff there placed my order on the tray ! 30 secs and I was out of the queue ! The definition of fast-food.

The burgers tasted great, we tried the chicken tandoor gill and the veg whooper, the quantity served on both was substantial. But I guess the King underestimated the Bangalore appetite, there was a steady line of people walking in , and another line in front of the take away counter. They really need to open up more places in B'lore. Will go back soon.

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