Monday, July 13, 2015

Terminator Genisys - worst sequel of this franchise


When is a Terminator movie not a Terminator movie ?

When John Connor is the bad guy !

The Terminator movies were part of my childhood, maybe it did not have the same effect the JP movies had, but there was an impact. T2's cutting edge computer generated graphics and explosions, and the whole story of a teenage boy getting his own pet re-programmed Terminator; that was so coool ! For a long time, the liquid metal robot scenes of the movie used to play in loops in television showrooms, where ever TV or entertainment was sold. The CGI scenes were also used by advertisers and even news media when they had news on next generation computers. But the best part of the story was the attachment between the boy and the machine. John Connor was a rule breaker, he used to steal money from ATMs and got into a lot of trouble. But at heart, he was actually a good guy, the leader of tomorrow. So I was really really disappointed to see John Connor playing the bad guy in the new Terminator movie. No amount of CGI can hide the fact that Genisys is a poorly conceived movie. It was all bad, the homage scenes to the first two movies, the reused dialogues. The saving grace was good old Arnie. Arnold is the only reason to watch this movie, nothing else made sense. And now I hear they are planning two more sequels.

Looks like Judgement day cannot be averted. It can only be postponed.

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